Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This last week we have been learning about the letter L and leaves. We also learned that just like it's important for a leaf to stay connected to its plant, it's important for us to stay connected to the source of life and nourishment we have in God.

I am learning to be prepared - here are some of my supplies for the week.

I got this idea for a handprint tree from an apple tree I saw here.



Our words to remember for the week - I love hearing Optimus say them.

On a leaf hunt for our craft

The kids did some leaf rubbing - though I had to do most of it. They didn't quite get how to keep things from sliding around. The printable was also a great find from here (same place as before!)

Then we moved on to a craft where you paint the edge of the leaf and create a neat outline... This is what it was supposed to look like

But this is how it went down.

After Optimus was done covering his leaf with yellow paint, I took a piece of paper and pressed it down on top to reveal this beautiful piece of art. It wasn't the original plan but I'm really happy with it!

Today we joined up with our friends to read books and do another fun craft. But first, Optimus, Milli and I made leaf sugar cookies. The kids added red and yellow food coloring and I mixed :) Have I mentioned that my neighbor sells various cookie doughs for a living? Yes, I am blessed!

I brought out the airdry clay again and we made leaf ornaments - I'll try to remember to post the final product when they dry

This was a fun book I found at the library - we decided to make our own leaf man with leaves we had collected a couple days before - it turned out great!


  1. Love it! These are some great ideas and "Leaf Man" is a favorite around here every fall for inspiration

  2. Loving the updates! We haven't done leaf (we're on a different schedule) so I'm excited to steal some of your ideas. Jennifer will be excited to know you are using her printables! She's on our coop and her girls are good friends of Lucy.

    You are rocking this sister!

  3. Zoie - I thought that was such a great book! I only wish I had a ruler to add a bit of measuring to the mix, but of course I couldn't find one. You know you're a homeschooling mom when you try to add math to everything LOL

    Danaly, I really enjoy Jennifer's site and get most of my ideas from you, Kristen and her... and some just from myself - which has been fun!!