Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Our lesson last week was the moon. We learned that we reflect Jesus to the world just like the moon reflects the sun. I love how he is getting these cool lessons combined with science!

It was really fun to watch videos of the first men on the moon, and to teach Optimus those amazing words, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". I also fell in love with our craft. As I molded some white air-dry clay into the bottom of a flat bowl, I sent Optimus to look around for anything that could be used as an asteroid to make a crater...

The tools of choice were: a plastic robot, a squinky ball, a marble, a piece from Faith's "Little People" pink car, a purple marker, and the bottom half of a monkey matryoshka doll...

These turned out to be perfect tools for making craters. We then built up some little mountainous regions.

Optimus got out his spaceman to go for a walk and plant the flag.

Here is what it looks like all dry

Optimus also got to hang out with his bff and paint planets. They painted and glittered the heck out of them and had a blast. I'm so thankful that we have great friends homeschooling!

This is me going through a book for the kiddos. Milli was clearly more interested in something else...

One fun experiment we did was calculate how high the boys would be able to jump if they were on the moon. I measured how high each one jumped on their own and then multiplied that number by 6. They were impressed!

The kids holding up their phases of the moon made out of oreo cookies. Of course my son has the "new moon" - which means all of the frosting has been licked out ;)

By the way, we do some writing during the week too but I just don't have the time or desire to take pics of EVERYTHING. I just like to capture certain moments :)

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