Sunday, September 11, 2011


So we had our first official lesson day today. It's Sunday, but I know I'm going to be gone all morning tomorrow and then Optimus visits a friend so I decided to start it today - gotta love the flexibility of homeschooling.

Optimus asked me to help him make this sign :) He is LOVING the idea of doing kindergarten at home and every time I'm done with a lesson he literally begs me for "more school"!

I love this calendar - we go through the date every morning and learn what yesterday was and what tomorrow will be - then we get to dress our little guy appropriately for the weather :)
My 1's and 10's - for counting (MFW)

I'm using a great idea I learned from my friend Danaly to help Optimus learn our key phrase each week.

Sun Snack - marshmallow, food coloring, pretzel sticks

First I read a great kids book that taught on all the aspects of the sun. It made it easy for Optimus to understand how far away it is. It takes a spaceship 3 days to get to the moon, but it would take it 4 years to get to the sun! And if it got too close it would turn into gases!

We then took a field trip up to Millie's room and turned all the lights off. I explained how hard it is to see without any light and how we can't tell which way to turn or if we are going to run into anything. That's why the sun is so helpful. And.... Jesus is the LIGHT, and the SON... and we need HIM to see which way to go. It was very cool.

Next we went out to the flower bed and borrowed some dirt so we could do an experiment with beans. We placed some in a cup that will be on the windowsill in the sun. We placed others in a cup in a mail-station we have that has cool cubbies in it and a door. Optimus will journal the changes he sees in each cup and will find out if the sun makes a difference!

More sun stuff Wednesday!

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  1. ok, I'm in tears laughing at your conversation with God on the side bar. Good job on SUN!! Fun, ha?!